Thursday, September 13, 2012

Army Soap

I made some melt and pour soap that I thought the man at my house might like. Is there any man out there that doesn't appreciate camoflauge?  If there are, they don't live at my house.
 I used Cedarwood essential oil to scent it to make it smell like he might actually be in the woods.  Plus, I really love it!  After melting and adding the essential oil to the soap, I split it into containers and put a different color in each one.  I squirted a bit of each color in the bottom of round molds, spritzing with isopropyl alcohol between each color, until the bottom was fully covered.  Then I took turns pouring the remaining soap to fill the molds, again spritzing between colors.  I let them harden for a few hours and popped them out.  For measurements and step by step photos, go to this tutorial.
What are your suggestions for masculine scented soap?


  1. I like the camo design.

    By the way, real Army Soap is found at