Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cold Feet

I have incredibly cold feet.  I'm talking COLD here, folks.  I have to wear socks all day.  No exceptions.  Even with wearing socks and shoes until seconds before I hop into bed, my feet are too cold to fall asleep.  They are still cold enough to keep me awake.  There are times that I think the socks just insulate the cold.  This is a serious case of cold feet.

I have tried all kinds of things but sometimes I just don't feel like taking an overly hot bath, putting on socks and slippers to keep the heat in and tromp out to warm up a heating pad for the foot of my bed every night.
Or wearing the knee length heated wool socks from the men's department at Sportman's Warehouse. 

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And it's not just because they make me feel ultra feminine with their rugged gray and blackness but because they have a D battery attached to the top of each sock to keep the one little strip of heat coming under my toes.  The batteries pull my socks down.  I think they were actually intended to rest the battery on top of the side of your boot...but they are too thick to fit into any of my ladylike boots.  And I don't wear my ladylike boots around the house because they just aren't comfortable.  There I said it.  They are for fashion and protection from nails and tape worms, not for being sensible.  They do not work with men's battery heated wool socks.

I have posted this to help my fellow cold-feeters with a very simple and easy to be lazy way to keep the tootsies warm(er).  So here is the newest idea that has worked for two days in a row while my husband has been out of town so I had no warm legs to thaw my feet on at night.  I have been wearing two pairs of socks.  Yes, two pairs of socks.  My feet are a bit bulky but not as bulky as socks and slippers.  (Yes, slippers and socks do keep my feet warm sometimes but you can only wear slippers around the house and they tend to fall off going down stairs.  All of my sewing and crafting stuff is upstairs and I don't like chasing them to the bottom of the stairs - and sometimes, again, they just insulate the cold.  Socks will allow me to quickly slip on some shoes right away to go to the mailbox or when the neighbor knocks on the door because there is a trampoline being blown about while it was stuck on a power pole and she wants help getting it secure before it damages something or someone or turns out our power.  True story.  Shoes slipped onto my socks nicely...)  I decided today that maybe I would like it if I got some new cute socks that #1 haven't been worn thin because they are older than my children and #2 are new cute socks! 

Just trying to keep it warm this winter.

maybe if they weren't worn thin, I might not have to wear two pair...

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