Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Faux Chenille Blanket

I had a few days that I wasn't feeling well. It's hard for me to sit and just rest. My mind thinks of lots of things that should be done and my fingers don't like to be still. Luckily, I found a project that helped me stay down - well sitting anyway. This blanket takes some time to make - which was to my advantage. It's not hard but it is a little tedious but oh, it is so beautiful! And, because it gets washed a few times at the end anyway, it didn't matter that I made it while I was sick! Or that I used upcycled fabric. Who can tell after a few washings? - I gave it to my cousin and her new baby. I used a skirt that our grandma wore for one of the layers so of course I told her where the fabric came from. I also used some pieces that were a few large pieces instead of one block of fabric for two of the layers and you can't tell a difference between them and the layers that were full sheets of fabric.

So, I found this project with a complete tutorial at Made. Hop on over there for really beautiful photos and easy to follow, step by step directions. And look at everything else she has to offer. I've spent hours and hours looking at her tutorials and wonderful photos. You won't be disappointed for stopping by!

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