Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Harvest Begins

It snowed two days ago. Today I pulled these beauties from my garden. What an exciting day! I only wish I knew how to cook these so I like them! Any suggestions?


  1. They look like radishes. They are eaten raw. Some people slice them and put them in salads.

  2. Yes, they are radishes. Should have said...
    They are spicy! I'll have to chop them into tiny pieces so I won't know they are there. I'm glad I didn't plant many of them.

  3. I have never liked radishes for the very reasons you said. My mom liked them alot though so we had them in every salad. Your story reminded me when we were first married we were visiting grandpa jesse h. and he had a bunch of radishes that he had brought in from the garden that was covered with snow. I told him he couldn't have grown them (it was still winter in my mind) He just smiled. (didn't have to make me wrong in order to be right.) I also told him that you can't grow grapes in Utah. He must have thought I was an idiot!! But he liked me so that is okay.