Friday, May 14, 2010

Potty Training Books

These are books both take the no-pressure approach to potty training. Diaper-Free Before 3 would be great for those parents who are wanting to start as soon as possible. Lekovic doesn't feel there is a need to wait for signs of readiness. She suggests starting as early as 6 months and slowly working the child into being fully trained.
Potty Training Boys the Easy Way is even more laid back and does consider readiness to be a very important factor when actively working on potty training but that you should expose the child to concepts as early as opportunities present themselves. I like that it allows the child to own his success. I found it very helpful because it is gender specific. I recommend both books but Potty Training Boys the Easy Way was my favorite of the two. There is also a book called Potty Training Girls the Easy Way by the same authors.

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