Monday, October 31, 2011

Making the Most of a Pumpkin

In the spirit of Halloween, we went to a local pumpkin patch. I'm talking about an actual pumpkin patch that is just a big field of pumpkins. We tromped through the plants to find a couple of our favorites. We ended out with two that had already been picked.

We got one large orange pumpkin and one medium white pumpkin. The owner of the patch was so nice. She sent us home with two brown bags of mini pumpkins that didn't have stems so she wasn't going to sell them. I was so happy! We spent an evening carving and having a wonderful time together. We only had one carving tool so when it wasn't my turn, I toasted the seeds and boiled the parts of the pumpkin we cut off. So we ended out with these:

and toasted pumpkin seeds

and pureed pumpkin

that will be frozen and eventually turned into something delicious and the inside goop and outsides
 will be turned into compost. Oh, and I saved a few seeds from each of the pumpkins to plant in the spring.
I'm not sure what else a can be expected of a couple of pumpkins.

Have a happy Halloween!

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