Monday, March 14, 2011

A Birthday Cake Fit for a Princess

My daughter wanted a birthday cake in the shape of a heart with all the colors. With three specific Disney princesses in specific colors of dresses. With six fairies flying over the princesses. With pixie dust. With her castle.

That's a tall order.

While we are going all out, I figured we should add some flowers and sprinkles too. Why not? A young princesses dream.

It took some time to get it all figured out and even more time to put together. You can see that the sun is starting to go down as I'm working. I did get it done before the party but not in time to take photos in real day light.
Here is the heart with "all the colors" (which actually looked bright and cheery and not quite so gloomy in daylight) and luckily we already had princesses in the right colored dresses.
The castle is set next to the cake for easy access for the princesses in case they get tired from the partying.
Three flying fairies in flowers and trails of pixie dust.
The other three flying fairies:
The whole sha-bang. 
 A cake fit for a princess.

It put smiles on lots of people's faces.


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