Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Featured Friday - on Tuesday

I have been honored to have 8 items featured in 12 (!!) treasuries in the last few days.  I want to make sure and thank the curators so I'm bumping Friday up to Tuesday. (If only it were that easy...)

Whale Blue Napkins were featured
                                by lilu1012 in Somewhere Over the Rainbow
                                and ThisandThatCrafter in My Bonnie...

Lime Stripe Napkins were featured
                               by EbbingTide in first springs of spring
                               and lilu1012 in Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Owl Brown Napkins were featured
                               by Janimie in Treasuries in the Woods

Purple Petal Clips were featured
           by kimberlynoland in Lavender Charm to Black and White
           and lilu1012 in Spring Forward, Fall Back...

Kelly Green Napkins were featured
          by fruitpants in Show your colors, your Irish colors!

Diaper Purse was featured
                   by MchadG in Spring Thoughts

Pink Lights Napkins were featured
                              by DesmondBrownDesign in A firey sunset

Green Daisies and Leaves Reversible Napkins were featured
                       by fireflyfantasies1 in So Fresh and So Clean
                       and SeaStoneAndShell in Into the Garden

I'm not sure I can keep up with that many.  At any rate, here is a treasury I created called Ready for Spring:


  1. lovely work and beautiful treasuries....

  2. 8 in 12 treasuries :D this must be your lucky week :)
    it was an honour of having your own napkin in my treasury :)

  3. Yeah for you! You should be proud of your work!!

    Amber @ barbwired