Friday, March 25, 2011

Mystery Seed

My daughter found a seed while we were on a walk.  She wanted to know what it would grow up to be.  I have no idea.  So we planted it.   It's a fairly large seed (this is a little girl hand).  We planted it maybe five days ago and haven't seen anything yet.  Anyone have any ideas what this could be?


  1. You won! You won!

  2. In Pennsylvania, we have Extension agents through Penn State University who are great at answering questions like this about local plant life. Maybe your area has something like that.

    I think it is really cool that you planted it for her. What a great learning experience.

  3. We do have that option too. I didn't think of it though! I'm really interested to know so I'll give that shot.

    I hope it grows. We'll both be disappointed if not - probably more me than her.