Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Project: Simplify - Pantry

This was one I really needed and wanted to get done. When we moved in, I just put stuff that would go in the pantry in the pantry. No rhyme or reason to it. It all just got thrown in to get it out of the box and out of the middle of the kitchen counter. I hadn't fixed it yet. I took a photo a week or so ago because I knew I was going to organize it whether SimpleMom suggested it or not. I'm glad I did.

Pantry Before
Pantry After
 This is what I did to get this mess cleaned up:  I found a wonderful man.  I married him.  Years later, he saw that our pantry needed cleaning up so he organized it while I was at work.  No kidding!  I've said it before:  I'm a lucky, lucky lady.


  1. You are a lucky lady! Wow! What a guy!

  2. Wow! That is great! Lucky!! I have one of those too!

    New follower found you through Living Life Photographically.

  3. I recently just moved to a house with a nice pantry. It makes a world of difference. Looks fantastic!