Friday, March 18, 2011

Project: Simplify - Paper Clutter

The hot spot for week two of Project: Simplify is paper clutter.

This was also an easy one for me.  I did have a few things that needed to be streamlined so I'm glad to have had a nudge to get them figured out.  I already have a system put in place for incoming mail:  I take care of it the second I bring it in the door.  Junk I put in a shred pile to add to my compost bin.  Papers that are blank on the back we put in a scratch paper drawer to draw on or for me to make lists on.  I do that.  I take action immediately on items that need it if possible.  If not, I have a spot I display them so that I see them and can take care of them the next day.  I collect my business receipts in the notebook where I keep track of my business finances.   The projects the kids do are their responsiblity.  They have a bag they can save them in in their bedrooms or they can display them on these.    I made a folder for each of the kids so I can put important papers in them.  I needed to organize my coupons so I did.  Now when I tear one out, it must go in the organizer or I have to throw it away.  I make the rules around here. 

coupon drawer before

coupon drawer after


  1. This is great!! I really need to work on some of this stuff! Thanks for inspiring me!!

  2. I am curious... What area of your house would be a challenge for you to organize/simplify?

  3. Oh, Jana, Jana...This week's challenge is a beast for me! You'll see.

    And if she doesn't have me organize my pantry I'll do it anyway. I've already taken the before photos because I decided it was so bad one day that I wanted to get that part out of the way.

  4. wow what a difference! Thanks for stoping by my blog. I am a new follower now!