Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Bulbs

My children were playing outside and came in saying they had picked me a flower from the yard. I wasn't sure what I expected to see but it was actually a flower - a big and beautiful one. "Where did you get that?!" They showed me. I planted a bunch of bulbs in the fall. Most of them where planted to line the sidewalk up to our front door but I planted a few off to the side in a place that I didn't really expect them to grow. But they did! And early! There were probably ten of these little beauties scattered around.
Do you see my little man's cowboy boots?  So cute!
I let them each pick one (maybe they will grow back?).

Then I checked around the walkway and a few are coming up there!  Spring comes early here!  Hooray!
So as it was raining and even snowing a bit yesterday, I kept picturing this:
surrounded by all of these:
Flower photos from Van Engelen Inc.

There will also be a few surprises because my sister and brother-in-law brought me some bulbs from Holland, Michigan when they visited.  I don't know what they will look like but there are five already coming up where I planted those.

Oh, I am hoping for a beautiful spring!

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  1. I'm jealous! The past few years I lived in Atlanta, GA and every year our yard would be full of daffodils by February. This year I live in Boston and we still have residual mounds of snow. No flowers for a while yet!