Monday, March 21, 2011

Guest Artist: Jessica from Cursiveart

I'm excited to introduce you all to the creater of one of my favorite etsy shops!  Jessica from Cursiveart was willing to answer a few questions for us all.  

Before we get to that, let me tell you what Jessica does.  She makes linocut cards because she "wanted to make something useful, affordable and beautiful." 
Loving Tree
Purple Tulips Cards

Don't you just want to send one to yourself so that you can frame it and hang it on your wall? I do!

She also does shadowboxes. Be might fall in love...
Winter Pair in Grey

Okay, so. on with the questions:

Describe the first time your remember someone being really pleased with something you made.
It was probably fourth grade when my childhood best friend, Justin, was so impressed with my ability to draw Babs and Buster Bunny from "Tiny Toon Adventures" that he wanted me to teach him to draw. I never succeeded in teaching him, but I did keep on drawing from there.

What (or where) inspires you the most?
Etsy does. Not only is it a great collection of wonderful handmade objects of all kinds, but I think inspiration can so often be found in other people's work. I love looking at the wide variety of colors, textures and shapes people come up with. Today I found a shop with the most believable looking leaves and flowers made of sugar. Etsy is a treasure trove of epiphanies waiting to happen.

If you had to choose another medium to work with, what would it be?
I would love to learn to sew. I think people who can make clothes, bags, blankets etc. are just amazing. It's a talent to be able to create something with form and function and make it beautiful.

What is your favorite day of the week and why?
I love Fridays. I don't work right now, but on Friday nights, either we have a bunch of friends over to watch the new episode of "Supernatural" if it's on, or me and my friend Sarah hang out and knit together and my fiance invites his friends over to watch movies. Basically, Friday is when we get to spend time with the people we love.

What are your three favorite items in your shop?
My orange magnolia cards because they turned out better than I could have imagined, and even made me appreciate a color I'm not normally a huge fan of.

Orange Magnolia Card

My fiddlehead fern cards because I love their simplicity.

Fiddlehead Fern Card
 My First Sign of Land card because its a perfect example of my "because I felt like it" attitude about art. Why is there a tree growing out of the ocean? Because I felt like it.
First Sign of Land

What are your three favorite Etsy shops other than your own?
1. Theaterclouds -- I love how her photography makes something fantastical look almost real.
2. markhed -- I love her trapeze and acrobat jewelry; it's clever and graceful.
3. sleepyking -- I love the stuffed animals, even if I am nearly 30, and I love how animated these look

Anything else you want to share?
Aside from art, my favorite things to do are sleep, cuddle with my cat, dog, and fiance, and read a whole lot, particularly anything by Neil Gaiman.

Well thank you for your time with us, Jessica.  I'll have you know that the Fiddlehead Fern Cards and the Magnolia Cards (she also makes them in blue) are two of my favorites also.  You are very talented and I'm so glad you are willing to share your talent. 

Be sure to swing by Jessica's blog Cursive Arts where you'll get to participate in Monday Spotlights, Treasury Tuesday and Feature Friday.  She also has a giveaway going on right now but you have to hurry!  It ends tonight!


  1. Awesome interview! Thanks for sharing Jessica's art!

  2. Ooh! I am in love with the "Loving Tree"!! They are all so pretty... amazing talent! :) Thanks for entering our giveaway at The Little Birdie! :)